Since 2013 when the current Pope was installed as the 266th Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the Church has never found itself in such danger as at present. The Amazonian Synod is a thin veil for a great danger of ambiguous interpretations of liturgy given the devolution of liturgical language to national synods in 2017 and subsequentially, the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, which has already been considered open to interpretation and caused a Dubia from four Cardinals who have called the document an apostasy, one Cardinal holding a Divinity in Canon Law. In addition, the Dubia has not been replied to and as such, the uncertainty grows as to what changes the Pope is trying to introduce and the kind of |Church he is trying to shape. To the Conservatives, they believe his actions and speeches border on heresy, but the liberal faction, especially in America where the driving force is coming from individuals such as homophiles Cardinals Cupich and Dolan will press as hard as possible for the greatest relaxation in the rules of divorce and remarriage, gay marriage and communion, and many other inappropriate abominations in Canon Law, devolving the authority of even altering some elements of Canon Law open to alterations on a national synod basis.

The Combination of the agenda of the Amazonian Synod, the freedom of decentralized liturgical reform, the power being vested in the C9, the Popes Council of Nine Cardinal Advisors, and other Canon Law alterations along with unclarified elements, especially in Chapter 8 of "Amoris Laetitia", are opening doors for easy marriage annulments which are now in place, allowing adulterers the blessed sacrament, and also relaxations to restrictions in the relationships of same-sex marriage, homosexuals and the sacraments, the document on Gender issues, and failure to put up any real objection to abortion other than to simply "deem it wrong" but taking no further action or objection despite canon law article 1398 stating that Catholics who procure a completed abortion are subject to a latae sententiae ...,( Instant Automatic Excommunication without specific decree by the Holy See)  and finally, the secret establishment of a committee to re-examine the Vatican II Encyclical written by Pope Paul VI, "Humane Vitae", with the expressed possibility that contraception will be partially or wholly liberated, although it is more likely that the release will be to "properly first marriied" couples; It is said that after Pope Paul VI directed the content of, and approved the encyclical "Humanae Vitae" in 1968, that it was so badly received by the Cardinals, they more or less ignored it, and this saddened Pope Paul to such a degree that he never authored another encyclical after it. Where is the Pope going with all of this? It is rumoured that the Pope, being a Jesuit, they, as an order want control of the Church. It was technically incorrect for the conclave in 2013 to elect a Jesuit as their constitution states quite clearly that a Jesuit pastor must always have a superior, but as Pope, Francis does not.

Other indisciplined practices have just been ignored such as communion in the hand which started after a few years of the completion of Vatican II around the early 1970'2 despite Moto Proprios from Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Simply put, the church is in liturgical chaos. In the Tridentine  tradition, even touching the blessed sacrament was not permitted, which is why the altar rails at the front of the sanctuary were so important, where the congregation could kneel to receive communion and the main mass deacon would hold a pix under the recipients chin in case the host were to fall from the mouth. And the saddest part of all is that these rules still exist and they are flouted by priests and congregations alike, and yes, the congregation have a duty to know their faith and it's rules and dogma, by reading the Catechism carefully and being mindful of it in all walks of the Catholic life. Another tragedy is the mass removal of the altar rails themselves. NOTHING in Vatican II required, suggested or permitted the rails to be removed. It was just "Done" in a few places and within the space of only a few years, almost all the altar rails had been ripped out in the name of the Church dragging itself up to the modern trend and as a novelty fad.

Pope Benedict wrote at some length about the Papal authority was there to preserve the dogma and tradition of the church, and does not possess the mandate to change it.

We now turn to the issues of church abuse of minors or pederasty in the seminaries, and the lies, the cheating, who knew what and when, and the grip the gay mafia has on the Vatican Curia, the clergy including Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals, and the moving of abusive priests to different diocese after a scandal or a hush-up money settlements in return for silence by the abused. And worse still, even when credible accusations were made against priests, they were left in place and not suspended from their position.

There are also many examples of fraud, misuse of church funds, Cardinals spending millions on their retirement homes and beach houses, not to mention the congregations of the faithful across the world putting money in the church weekly collection paying out millions for sexual abuse settlements. To date, the largest single settlement to an abuse survivor stands at $ 660,000,000. Yes, 660 million dollars plus legal fees estimated to be about 40% of the settlement in addition. That makes that one case over a billion dollars. The amounts of money are breathtaking. An just as we are writing this section, Cardinal Pell's appeal has failed 2-1 so he faces 23hrs a day in solitary confinement for six years which could parole in 3 yrs and 8 months. Cardinal McCarrick in the U.S. has got away lightly, even with a nearly 50-year history of abusing minors and seminarians, by simply being defrocked. And it doesn't matter because he has syphoned off millions in church funds which he can live off comfortably for the rest of his life. Indeed, he has so much money stashed somewhere that he didn't even draw his Cardinals stipend which for a Cardinal, is hundreds of thousands a year.