The Knights of St Joan’s Oath.

ego est maximum decus hoc participare tuus ego ut augusta fraternitum dedicatus et hu gloriam, et honorem Dei et Sancti Johannen et posuit in oratione fraternitie. Ad hunc finem, Ego


semper honoro et regulae Equites St. Johannan ut socius quamdiu sum.

I have the greatest honour that I will participate in this august fraternity dedicated to the glory and honour of God and Saint Joan and as laid out in the fraternity's prayer.In this regard, I         


will always honour the rule of the Knights of St. Joan as long as I am a member.

Founding Master______________



                  The Fraternity Prayer of the Knights of St Joan

Almighty and everlasting God you gave us Joan d'Arc, of Domrémy, a shining star of humility, chastity, and obedience, who showed concern for all your people.

At your calling, through the heavenly messengers of St Catherine, St Margaret and St Michael the Archangel, you inspired Joan to work as an instrument of your love and peace in the world, where she brought these gifts to thousands of your faithful.

Satan has polluted our world which is tainted by evil, and Joan was subjected to the most awful treatment, leading to her death by being burnt at the stake, the worst of all possible deaths.

Lord, we continue to face the forces of evil in our Church and the world at this time. In your mercy we beg you give us, the members of the fraternity of the Knights of St Joan, the means to be shining lights in this world of darkness by daily prayer, contemplation, and good works, and help us to provide comfort to our fellow men and that you will allow St Michael, the Knight of all knights, to rid our world of all heresy and sin, wherever they may be found, and restore Christendom once more to our world where we may pay homage to you, our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, world without end.



The Knights of St. Joan is not a formal religious order but none the less, a serious and dedicated fraternity of secular or lay faithful Catholics, men and women, with a special devotion to St Joan of Arc, her Knights, their achievements, and ultimately her wrongful death. We live our private lives and insofar as possible our public lives in accordance with the traditional faith of the true Catholic Church and pray daily for the restoration of the traditional church and the full abrogation of the illegitimately called 2nd Vatican Council.

The fraternity is bound by some simple but sound rules as follows. We must place our members on trust that should they join the fraternity they will abide by the rules which are set out to enhance and restore the traditional liturgical worship to the Catholic Church and faith pre-1962. Members are only required to follow the rule insofar as it pertains to their abilities in combination with their state of life. They should not be seen as an all-encompassing commitment to its strict observance, but as an aspiration to enhance our prayer life, contemplation, the reading of Lauds, Vespers and  Compline. For some, it may be the mass medal and Lauds and Vespers. Some can add Compline, and maybe spare half an hour a day in contemplative prayer or Lectio Davina. Some may find looking after or visiting elderly people rewarding. For a general rule of holy living, we encourage the reading of the Rule of St Benedict, which in easy language points to small ways where we can improve our lives and the lives of others. It's sister volume Oblates written for the Benedictine's third order sets out a collection of stories of how ordinary people incorporate a better life within a hectic secular society. They also speak of how to live an enhanced spiritual life away from the physical location of the "order or monastery". These books establish standards to which we aspire, but only within our position in life and our other duties such as our families and commitment to our workplace and colleagues. They should, however, be considered as a deliberate decision to inspire better Christian living through the fraternity, and so the rules should be treated with the appropriate respect. In addition, the fraternity prayer should be read daily preferably with the breviary. There are also other books and book sets for the serious reader from the Fathers of the Church. These are heavy reading but as some of them are online, you can dip into them to see what they are and whether you might want to read on. It can't hurt a quick look, but most certainly do not form as part of what is required reading, far from it. They are in old language translated from Aramaic into Greek, and then into Latin and English. They are the kind of reading that you would study if you were in formation for the priesthood.

Sadly, at this point, we have to raise perhaps one of the most sensitive topics within the church today. Same-sex attraction, gender and divorce marital issues. Whilst you do make a pledge to abide by the rules, other than your parish priest signing your application certificate which will show those areas where you can commit to the fraternity, we can never absolutely know about the personal circumstances of our members. We take it on trust. So the easiest way of expressing this rule is contained in a PDF file sent to you upon your serious enquiry. Sadly today, and sometimes not through their own choice, people find themselves with a same-sex attraction issue and this can be considerable difficulty in their lives. Should this be the case, you are wholly welcome provided that, as with any priest, you honour the practice of celibacy. LGBTQ people are also welcome provided they adhere to their birth sex and also practice celibacy. In both cases, the fraternity relies on the Catechism of The Council of Trent for advice upon the 6th decalogue. An online link to this Catechism is at the bottom of this page showed it's book cover. Married people must be chaste unto their first marriage spouses. Couples who live together before marriage may apply under special circumstances. If the person they live with is the only person they have lived with and they intend to regularize that union by marriage in a short period of time applications will be welcome with additional information for the committee to consider. The opinion of your priest will form a good deal of our consideration. Whilst these rules appear strict, it is precisely the breakdown of these kinds of rules that has caused such difficulty since the onset of Vatican II and potential members must consider their position carefully as to the honesty of their answers. We want anyone to feel free to join our fraternity but it is aimed at the restoration of the values of the True Catholic Church and not the calamitous and schismatic free for all, almost protestant church offered by the Novo Ordus of today where almost anything goes. If you should seriously wish to join the fraternity having read and considered the above details, you will understand why we ask about such circumstances and we will send you an application form and it will include a copy of the rules which should be read and understood thoroughly as a sign of your serious commitment. We will ask for it be read through by you and your parish priest and the pledge taken in his presence together with his blessing your joining us. We ask for a small annual stipend to assist in covering the running of the website, and other incidental costs rising from the running of the order. 

In other situations, some people, even though they qualify by the rule, join for the wrong reasons. It should not be seen as something of status, as this is something that we, as  a fraternity, should be ignoring, by shunning the unpleasant secular world.

Here are just a few of the rules that potential members will be particularly interested in. If you wish to enquire seriously, the full rules PDF file would be emailed to you on request. We are just currently bringing them up to date in response to recent changes in the church and issued documents appear to be affecting the rules of membership.
1) There is a one-off membership joining fee of £ 95. This money goes to provide our mass medal, roughly 38mm round and ribbon, length to be specified, ( plus delivery approx £ 7 ) as per the photograph included below and the fraternal membership certificate. We ask that the White Bronze Fraternity mass medal be worn each time you attend mass. It is an outward sign of your commitment to the Fraternity and will create inquiry by others who might consider our aims and possible membership of the fraternity themselves. The medal worn in the photograph is not the supplied medal. It was a special mint St Pius X medal in Sterling Silver I found and cost considerably more than £ 40. The shown medal can be bought in sterling silver but the medal alone costs £ 150. Please ask if you might like this option.
2) We recommend a small list of books which we feel each member of the fraternity should have. They are shown on this page with their ISBN.
3) The Breviary prayers should be taken from the 1962 edition recently made available by a Moto Proprio from Pope Benedict XVI which allows the use of the pre-conciliar Traditional liturgy of the Breviary for daily prayer and also the " extraordinary " form of mass. Both of these are available on this website which we aim to update daily. If you use the link to view a traditional mass we also have another link with a bilingual Latin/English text which can be followed to gain the best spiritual understanding of those who may not be immediately familiar with the Latin form of mass.

4) We also have a direct link to the daily breviary in both Latin and English, however, we cannot stress enough the benefit of actually having the breviary books themselves, but for new members, it would be best to familiarise yourself with the breviary via the website link until you become confident in its recitation. No website can replace the prayerful feel of having the real book in their hands. However, there are rules as to how you recite the breviary, known as the Ordo. However, you must be confident of reciting the breviary on a daily basis, buying the three-volume set of books making the full breviary for the entire year is sold by Baronius Press and costs nearly £ 300, so to buy them, you need to be confident about your  reading them daily, and to the fraternity as a whole. My wife and I read the breviary together and it is a very spiritual way to start and end the day.

5) There are other books which we recommend you purchase immediately. We have mentioned the Benedictine books, but also two short books, Spiritual Warfare, a book of passages and quotes for the defence of the faith and another which is a more regular book having traditional prayers, many of which are in both Latin and English. The Baronius Press Breviary is also a dual Latin and English text.

6) We ask for a small annual of $40 stipend to assist in running of the website, and other incidental costs rising from the running of the order.


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